Drill Dates are every Second Weekend of the month unless specified by CO/XO prior to drill weekend. **All on-base Sea Cadet activities at NAB Coronado are suspended until further notice. Contact the Commanding Officer for more info**


U.S. Naval Sea Cadets


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Types of Sea Cadet Units

There are several different types of units in the Sea Cadets, each with its own focus and strengths. You are not required to join the nearest unit; all units have cadets from all around the area. If there is another unit with a focus closer to your interests, and you can commit to the attendance requirements, you are free to join any unit. There is a link to the Region 11-3 website on our Links Page.

There are four basic types of sea cadet units:

  • BATTALIONS, such as CORONADO (San Diego), ESCONDIDO (Escondido), and MICHAEL A MONSOOR (Camp Pendleton) are oriented toward field operations and construction battalions (i.e. SeaBees).

  • DIVISIONS, such as CHALLENGER (Lakeside) and FORT FISHER (San Diego), are oriented more toward the surface fleet.

  • SQUADRONS, such as BLACK KNIGHTS (San Diego), DESERT EAGLE (El Centro) and GUNFIGHTER (San Diego), are oriented toward naval aviation.

  • TRAINING SHIPS are specifically League Cadet units, usually associated with a Sea Cadet Unit, such as TS BORA BORA/CORONADO Battalion, TS COLUMBIA/CHALLENGER Division, TS ESSEX/FORT FISHER Division, TS KIT CARSON/ESCONDIDO Battalion, TS MURPHY CANYON/BLACK KNIGHTS Squadron, and TS TOP GUN/GUNFIGHTER Squadron.

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadets offers fantastic training opportunities for those who want to learn the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and about Navy life. Feel free to contact the Coronado Battalion or any of the other units mentioned above to discuss observing at an upcoming drill to see if this program is for you. Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime.


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