Drill Dates are every Second Weekend of the month unless specified by CO/XO prior to drill weekend. **All on-base Sea Cadet activities at NAB Coronado are suspended until further notice. Contact the Commanding Officer for more info**


U.S. Naval Sea Cadets


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Benefits of Being a Sea Cadet

Not only do cadets get to experience adventure and travel their peers can only imagine, they get a head start on joining the military or going to college. Depending on the rank they earn in the Sea Cadets, they can enter the military at an advanced paygrade. The Sea Cadets also offers college scholarship funds to qualifying cadets.

Promotion to CPOAdvancement

Promotions within the Sea Cadets are based upon merit. Cadet recruits enter as E-1's, and upon successful completion of boot camp and other academic requirements may be advanced to the apprentice rates E-2. As cadets receive additional training, they may advance through the rate structure, eventually attaining the rate of Chief Petty Officer (E-7).

Sea Cadets complete official U.S. Navy correspondence courses for each rank, advancing in rate every 6 months (if they keep up with their coursework).

Travel Opportunities

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps also participates in an International Sea Cadet Exchange Program with several countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, and other countries in Europe and Asia. Each summer selected cadets have the opportunity to meet and train with their foreign counterparts.


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