Drill Dates are every Second Weekend of the month unless specified by CO/XO prior to drill weekend. **All on-base Sea Cadet activities at NAB Coronado are suspended until further notice. Contact the Commanding Officer for more info**


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18 Mar 2009

Greetings Coronado Battalion!

This is former Petty Officer Jephanie Kelly. I'm writing to give you all an update on how I'm doing and what is going on with me.

After graduating from the Sea Cadet Corps I have recently gotten married and am currently living in Dover, Delaware. My husband is serving in the Air Force and stationed here. I am so glad that I did Sea Cadets because I will also be joining the Air Force. I hope to do nursing.

I loved being in Sea Cadets. I tried to learn as much as a could and I'm very grateful for all those instructors who helped me. I will keep you updated. Always do your best and go above and beyond.


Jephanie Kelly (Now Jephanie Barnes)

1 Sep 2008

NLCC Coast Guard Training, San Francisco (Staff Cadet)

While I was staffing the Navy League Coast Guard training, I learned how to improve my leadership skills. Being in charge of a bunch of Leaguers isn't easy but the other staff cadets made it fun. During this training I met some new people both League cadets and Sea cadets. I made new friends with quite a few people and those people helped make the training fun. Other than meeting new friends, the Coast Guard made sure that we had lots of fun. We went on Coast Guard cutters and sailed around in the bay and we also went to Angel's Island. Angel's Island was my favorite part because it was so beautiful and there were new things to learn about its history everywhere. Although the weather was cold and windy, that didn't stop anyone at that training from having fun.

PO3 Carolyn Knapp, NSCC

30 July 2008

NSCC Sailing Training, Camp Pendleton, CA, 2008

Sailing training was the very best training I’ve been to in my three years as a cadet. This was a very fun exciting place to spend a week. The first two days of training were spent playing on the beautiful sandy beach, doing physical training and body surfing. We also went to the museums in downtown SD. In the mornings we got up at the late hour of 7:00AM; not too bad.

Wed-Friday we went sailing. We had class time first where they teach all the aspects of sailing. We were taught to navigate our boats they make sure that no one gets injured. Safety first, “If it is not safe don’t do it.” The actual sailing was challenging but very enjoyable.

We sometimes went to the store and bought some cool stuff. The staff also had fun with us when we played capture the flag 5 times. Super cool training lots of fun! Staying safe while learning how to sail is the main goal. If you pass your sailing test you can rent a boat by yourself. I hope that you go to this training next year and have fun.

Cadet Joseph Shultz

26 June 2008

To Everyone:

I'm sorry I haven't been in very much contact with you all lately. Honestly time has flown by a lot faster than I anticipated it would. I leave for the Coast Guard Academy tomorrow morning and it seems like I just received my acceptance letter last week. I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful time at the unit these past 4 years. I know we all had our ups & downs, and I rode you guys a lot. But you all have shined very much and it shows. Thank you for the support through out my journeys and I will always be there if you need anything. The Battalion and Training Ship are my second family, and please do not hesitate to ask for anything!

I have been assigned to Echo Company of the Class of 2012 at the Coast Guard Academy. I'll be on the 2nd week of training & sailing aboard the Eagle. LCDR Franklin should know later in July if I'll be pulling into port in San Diego. If I do I would love to see you all.

If you get a little bored this summer, or have some free time ... feel free to write me.* I would love to hear how your summer is going, what awesome trainings you went to or plan on going to, and how the outside world is holding up.

Thanks again for everything. I'll be sure to let you all know when I have e-mail, since it is a lot faster and easier to get in contact. Good Luck to all of you and all that you do!!!!

Kim Franklin (a.k.a. The Chief)

Semper Paratus!! (Always Ready)

15 January 2008

NSCC Recruit Training, San Luis Obispo, December 26, 2007-January 5, 2008

The Recruit Training at Camp San Luis Obispo was a lot of fun. There were a lot of fun things that we did like our Exhibition Marching, and the PT day. The classes that we took gave us all a lot of great information to learn from and so did the instructors. They taught us how important uniformity is and we must work together as a team. My company always had to say, "I am a Charlie Square", every time we turned a corner, and we turned that into something motivating and not embarrassing like it was intended to be. The main thing that I learned was that there are no individuals just one big TEAM!

Cadet Megan Gillis, NSCC

16 August 2007

NSCC Recruit Training, CBC Port Hueneme, July 29-August 11, 2007

Recruit training at Port Hueneme was a lot of fun. Since I am new to the program they really do teach you a lot of basic, yet important things that will help you succeed in sea cadets. We learned some basic things for a flagship competition. And how to pay attention to command while marching. That was a VERY big thing they taught us and I can't even count how many times they said the words "attention to detail." And they are right to stress that on us.

SR Kirsten Wabsis, NSCC

15 August 2007

Sailing Training at Fiddler's Cove, NAB Coronado, August 5-10, 2007

Sailing Training was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun, even when I almost capsized the boat. We were out on the water every day and every day I had so much fun! Our CO, Ens. Arellano, was very nice and I had an awesome time! We sailed Capri 16.5's and learned all the parts of the boat. I made so many new friends who I hope to see at further trainings. The sail from Fiddler's Cove to the other side of the bay was incredible. I'll admit that at first I was scared to work the tiller by myself but I got a hang of it in no time. The only bad things about this training was that it was too short, I had a very noticeable shorts tan, and I had to say goodbye to all my new friends. I encourage all cadets to go on this incredible training!

SN Carolyn Knapp, NSCC

18 July 2007

NSCC Field Training Camp Roberts, June 24-July 7, 2007

Field Training at Camp Roberts was really a great experience. We learned about tactics and maneuvers that our infantry uses out in the field and about urban warfare. This training was mainly teaching you how to move, communicate and breach a destination in a tactical manner that can range from breaching a hilltop or the room of an old abandoned barracks to how to sit down with your fire team to eat MRE’s, or sleep in a foxhole. There are two types of combat warfare: Urban and Field. I personally like urban combat because it gave me the adrenaline rush of knowing that maybe something around the corner or someone may try to pick me off in a well-concealed position to snipe you or your fire team members off. It also made me think that urban operations reminds me of kind of what our solders are doing in Iraq and field combat gives me the feel that it could be similar to World War 2 Russia. Overall, if you like exciting, non-stop trainings then this is the training for you.

SA Joe Kaspar, NSCC

28 April 2007

Hello to the members of the Coronado Battalion. I miss you all, and can’t wait until I return sometime in the fall.

I am on the chock and chain team aboard the McClusky. When the helicopter lands on the ship, someone else and I run out and put these chocks (orange blocks) down in front of the wheels to keep the helicopter from moving back and forth when the ship moves. Then we put chains on the wheel straps to keep the helicopter from moving side to side. The photo below show’s me in the middle in the blue during a hot pump with the helio. We also perform cargo transport and we assist the GSM with refueling the helicopter. That is basically my job while on this deployment, but I also drove the ship when we went through the Panama Canal and other evolutions such as anchoring and coming in and out of different ports.

SN Justin Chism, USN

USS McClusky, FFG41


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