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  • BATTALION COMMUNICATIONS:  There have been issues with some not receiving important communications from the unit. Coronado Battalion/Training Ship Bora Bora use e-mail lists (called DISTRO lists in the military) to keep its membership informed of important events, policies, etc. Sometimes these messages get mislabelled spam by YOUR e-mail or internet service provider. I have used quite a number of different providers over the years (AOL, Juno, G-mail, Hotmail, Outlook (at work), SBC, AT&T, etc.) and the one thing they all have in common is that while their spam filters generally work reasonably well (some are more sensitive than others), they ALL will occasionally deliver spam to your inbox that should have been filtered out, and ALL will occasionally deliver non-spam that should have gone to your inbox to your spam or junk mail folder. So you all should go to your e-mail box, and check your settings to make sure that you've enabled a spam or junk mail folder (i.e. don't let it just automatically delete everything IT thinks is spam). Then get into the habit of regularly checking your spam or junk mail folder to look for legitimate mail that should have gone to your inbox. The list messages from the unit will be easy to spot; the subject line always starts with the list name in brackets, i.e. [Coronado All Hands], [Coronado Parents], [Coronado Ward Room], etc. If you find one of those in your spam or junk mail folder, select it and click on the Not Spam button (or whatever your e-mail provider calls it). If you have the option, add the list to your whitelist (the list of people you're telling your provider to always accept mail from), but that's not foolproof as I not uncommonly find messages from people I've whitelisted in my spam or junk e-mail folder, and messages from people I blacklisted in my inbox.

              Jeff Dooley

              Coronado Battalion Webmaster/Postmaster

  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Coronado Battalion/Training Ship Bora Bora are two of the largest units in our region. With a unit this size help is always needed to run efficiently. No special skills needed nor time limits or having to formally become an officer just a desire to help one of the best units in the Nation. Please contact the CO for more information.

  • RE-ENROLLMENTS DUE NEXT DRILL:    To enroll in a training, your ID card must be valid through the end of the training. The following cadets’ enrollments will come due between now and when summer training occurs. To avoid possible delays in getting you an approved slot at a desired training, we urge you to re-enroll early. For example, if Cadet Smith’s enrollment expires in June 2015, and the Smiths decided to re-enroll the Cadet in March 2015, then Cadet Smith’s enrollment expiration is now June of 2016.

  • INFORMING OF INTENT TO ATTEND DRILL:  Cadets are required to report drill attendance no later than 1800 on the Sunday before drill. For example, for the 14-15 Aug 2010 drill, you report by 1800 on Sunday, 8 Aug 2010. We have moved to reporting attendance via email. To successfully accomplish this you will need to; email the below address, use the correct subject line (e.g. Sea Cadet – Moreno or League Cadet – Earls) and add the content listed below:

    Email to: cadet.muster@hotmail.com

    Subject: Sea Cadet – Last Name or League Cadet – Last Name

    Content: I will be attending all weekend

                      I will be not attend because (add reason)

                      I will be departing early at (add time) for (add reason)

                      I will be arriving late at (add time) for (add reason)

    Very Respectfully,

    Your rate and full name

  • DRILL WEEKEND CHECK IN PROCESS:  Effective immediately, the following reporting procedures are now in effect:

    • Leadership cadets and staff report in at 0800.

    • Cadets report at 0815 and report to the Quarterdeck, present ID card, salute, and “request permission to come aboard"

    • Once permission is obtained, report to one of the 2 tables (Battalion or Training Ship), pay drill fees and turn in medications, coursework, and any other documentation you were required to bring.

  • COURSEWORK STATUS:  Sea Cadets must turn in at least one assignment per drill (2 for BMR) and League Cadets must turn in three lessons. FAX your assignments to 619-532-9243 and they will be graded before drill. If you are missing course work, please e-mail the Training Officer at nscctraining@coronadoseacadets.org or nlcctraining@coronadoseacadets.org

  • SHIP'S LOG ENTRIES:  This is a reminder to submit entries for the Ship's Log upon your return from your summer training evolutions.

  • PARENTS:  click here to download an important letter from a retiring Sea Cadets leader with the Greater Ozarks Division in Springfield, Missouri.




  • All cadets are expected to attend all drills.
  • If the battalion is participating in a multi-day drill not involving travel outside San Diego, you are expected to attend at least during normal drill time, even if you cannot attend the entire weekend.
  • If you cannot attend a drill, it is your responsibility to notify If you cannot attend a drill, it is your responsibility to notify your Squad Leader  prior to the drill.  If you cannot contact the appropriate individual, move up the chain of command until you get someone (i.e. LPO, OPS, XO, CO).
  • You must maintain a 75% or higher attendance record (senior cadets 90% or higher). If your attendance drops, advancement may be delayed, you might not be issued orders to attend trainings, and you may be relieved of senior positions.
  • Continued poor attendance could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the NSCC/NLCC.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Members of the Coronado Battalion are highly encouraged to volunteer their time in the service of our community. Remember, 30 hours of service earns the Community Service Ribbon.

CORRESPONDENCE COURSES:  All cadets are expected to complete at least 1 correspondence course yearly.  YOU SHOULD BE TURNING IN COMPLETED ANSWER SHEETS AT EVERY DRILL. Click here to download a PDF version of an important letter regarding correspondence course procedures.

ELECTRONICS POLICY:  NO ELECTRONICS will be allowed during drills at anytime. Cell phones will be stored in the Unit building and used for emergency purposes and after drill only. MP3 players and ipods are not allowed.SHIP'S LOG:  Cadets attending trainings are expected to submit an entry for the Ships' Log page.

PHYSICAL FITNESS:  Cadets wishing to earn the Physical Fitness Ribbon (PFR) should contact Commanding Officer INST Ramirez.

REPORT CARDS:  Cadets are required to turn in semester report cards at the drill after they are received. Cadets on the Honor Roll will be Awarded the Academic Achievement Ribbon.