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Virgil Balaoing

Kim Franklin

Jephanie Kelly

Michael Moore

Mac Roberts

Christopher Torres

Armando Zarco

From Virgil Balaoing

17 August 2012

Hello, Battalion!

I am Cadet Virgil Balaoing, now of the San Diego State Army ROTC program. I was a member of Coronado Battalion from 2006 to 2008. I am currently in my senior ROTC year at SDSU and have recently received my B.A in Psychology from National University. A lot has happened since I left the program. Let me start by saying, every plan I had as a senior in high school did not go through. My plan was to be nurse and join the U.S. Navy as a Nurse Corps Officer. Surprisingly, I enlisted in the Army reserve 2 years ago and loved every second of it. However, I felt I had the potential to do so much more, so I decided to join ROTC from an enlisted to commissioned officer program. I just finished my Army accessions packet and am waiting for my component assignment as well as which branch of the Army I will be placed in. Hopefully, I will get picked for active duty, as well as my branch of choice, Combat Engineer. Whatever happens now is up to Army, but I would like to thank all my instructors, as well as the program, for teaching me the skills and morals I now have and use as a leader. I love this program and as I can see from the photos you all are taking care of it. Learn as much as you can while you are here and take the lessons you learn with you throughout your life.


C/1SG Virgil Balaoing

SDSU Aztec Army ROTC Battalion

416th Civil Affairs Battalion(Airborne)


From Kim Franklin

5 October 2008

Hello Coronado Battalion & Training Ship Bora Bora!!

I just wanted to say a quick hello before I hit the rack for the night. This week is my 7th week as an official 4/c at the United States Coast Guard Academy. WOW. Well 7th week means…midterms. But 4/c do not have midterms, so we just have a lot of homework. But next semester we will have midterms. In other news…Cross Country is going well, we have another race this weekend, at Roger Williams College. It’s a big invitational so we should have a lot of competition to go against. Basketball starts on October 16th as well. We have games in November up at Cal Maritime for a big tournament. You know I am excited for that J. Well I have been checking the Battalion Website and Pictures, you all look like your having a blast. GOOD!!! If you guys need anything, contact the webmaster or LCDR Franklin for my email address. Please do not hesitate to talk to me.

Well I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you all in December.

Very Respectfully,

4/c Kim Franklin

United States Coast Guard Academy

Delta Company

Regimental Review Standards

P.S. I included a few pictures from life at the Academy so far.

  1. Doing the Up and over on USCGC Eagle, required for everyone
  2. USCGA Cross Country Team
  3. Parents Weekend with mom
  4. Homecoming with my classmate Liz Tatum
  5. First phone call over swab summer. (Very emotional

View Gallery of Photos from Kim

11 September 2008

Good Afternoon,

I know I am late in sending responses to many of you about Kim at the Coast Guard Academy. First let me tell you she is doing great. She is stressing a bit with the heavy load of academics, but I know she will get that worked out. Average time she actually puts her head on the pillow is after midnight. Thou she was happy to report that she did get to sleep in until 0630 the Tuesday after Labor Day when their Company (DELTA) was awarded this privilege for winning an inspection.

She is currently a Civil Engineer Major, but is looking towards Government. She said she will see after the first year is completed. She has made a tremendous amount of new friends and that teamwork is more meaningful than ever thought. The upper class cadets play a big support role in helping the 4/C Cadets in academics, academy life and adjustments from home.

As many of you know Kim was a member of her high school cross country team all four years. She was going to go out for the Rugby team at the Academy, but changed her mind at the last minute and is back running cross country (see article below). She will also return to basketball in the winter and then on to track and field in the spring. Thank you all for supporting her along the way.

Melissa Franklin

Kim Franklin

The following is from http://www.uscgasports.com/content/view/1075/74/

Women's Cross Country - 2008 Season Preview

Junior co-captain Tessa Knott is the top returner on a young Coast Guard team.Coast Guard will be a very young team this season as the Bears have a freshman class of 11 runners, some of whom are expected to make immediate contributions to an inexperienced team.

The Bears top returner is junior co-captain Tessa Knott, who missed last seasonĘs New England WomenĘs and MenĘs Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) Championship meet due to injury.

Coast Guard also returns four solid runners in seniors, co-captain Charlotte Delorey and Gwen English along with sophomores Colin Fall and Kathryn Gilligan.

The Bears placed seventh at the NEWMAC Championship last season after taking home the championship in 2006 with senior Sara Mcguigan leading the way with an 11th place finish to earn All-conference honors.

Head coach Leroy Falconi in his 26th season is counting on several freshman to make an impact this season.

The top newcomers this season are freshmen Kim Franklin and Kate Schumacher.

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From Jephanie Kelly

18 Mar 2009

Greetings Coronado Battalion!

This is former Petty Officer Jephanie Kelly. I'm writing to give you all an update on how I'm doing and what is going on with me.

After graduating from the Sea Cadet Corps I have recently gotten married and am currently living in Dover, Delaware. My husband is serving in the Air Force and stationed here. I am so glad that I did Sea Cadets because I will also be joining the Air Force. I hope to do nursing.

I loved being in Sea Cadets. I tried to learn as much as a could and I'm very grateful for all those instructors who helped me. I will keep you updated. Always do your best and go above and beyond.


Jephanie Kelly (Now Jephanie Barnes)

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From Michael Moore

5 August 2018

Hello Coronado Battalion and T.S. Bora Bora.

I am former NSCC CPO Michael Moore. I am currently a PFC in the U.S. Army. I was in the in the USNSCC for eight years; it was the best decision I ever made. It has launched my career into the stars. I will be going to Germany at the end of this month.

If you or any parents have any questions about the program or serving please don't hesitate to contact me. I will help any way I can.

V/R  PFC Michael Moore, U.S. Army

Webmaster note:  Contact the Commanding Officer for PFC Moore's contact information.

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From Mac Roberts

23 July 2013

Former NSCC CPO Mac Roberts just left for USAF basic. According to LT Agpaoa "he was definitely a bright young man and has a great career, military or otherwise ahead of him. I have no doubt that all other cadets and friends that know him wish him well and only the best." USAF Recruit Roberts' family will pass on his address when it's available.

View Gallery of Photos from Mac's Swearing In


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From Christopher Torres

12 July 2010

I hope all is well with the Coronado Battalion and the Sea Cadet program. I am currently in my final months here at the University of New Mexico Naval ROTC Unit, where I have been serving as the Surface Warfare / Navigation Instructor, the Freshman Advisor, Recruiting Officer, and Public Affairs Officer. During my time in New Mexico, I earned a Masters of Arts degree in Strategic Communications and Leadership from Seton Hall University and completed studies in Joint Professional Military Education at the Naval War College.

I will be transferring with my wife Catherine in September to Dahlgren, Virginia in order to begin two months of extensive Combat Systems training at the Aegis Training and Readiness Center, followed by six months of more training in Newport, Rhode Island at the Surface Warfare Officer School’s Department Head Course. This is in preparation for my follow-on assignment. I am currently slated to take over as the Operations Officer of the San Diego-based Guided Missile Destroyer USS KIDD (DDG-100). I’ll also add that in addition to being a Surface Warfare Officer, I was awarded a Subspecialty in Resource Management and Analysis.

Keep plugging along!

All the best.


LT Christopher Torres, USN

Instructor / Navy Freshman and Nursing Advisor / Recruiting / Public Affairs

University of New Mexico Naval ROTC

Albuquerque, NM

29 August 2008

I have switched my orders from the United States Naval Academy and took a “hot-fill” assignment at the University of New Mexico’s Naval ROTC Program, where I am currently serving as the Surface Warfare / Navigation Instructor, the Public Affairs Officer and the Recruiting Officer. Any interested NROTC candidates, please feel free to contact me!

All the best out in Coronado. It was a pleasure to talk to you earlier this year. Keep doing great things!

Very Respectfully,

LT Christopher Torres

Instructor / Recruiting / Public Affairs

University of New Mexico Naval ROTC

Albuquerque, NM

4 February 2008

I have been selected to a teaching position at the United States Naval Academy, and will be serving as a Naval Science Instructor. I begin teaching this summer.

Very Respectfully,

LT Christopher Torres

Assistant Operations Officer


25 January 2008

I was originally slated to teach at the Naval Academy; however I took an opportunity to return to sea and do one more deployment. I am currently finishing up my third deployment, serving as the Assistant Operations Officer for USS PONCE (LPD-15) out of Norfolk, Virginia, returning home next week after 6 months with the KEARSARGE EXPEDITIONARY STRIKE GROUP and the 22nd MARINE EXPEDITIONARY UNIT deployed to Eastern Africa and the Persian Gulf. During this deployment I stood watch as one of the ship’s 4 Tactical Action Officers, responsible for the ship’s self defense and in charge of all Combat and Weapons Systems. I was recently selected for Department Head and will attend the Surface Warfare Officer School Department Head Course (Newport, Rhode Island) in 2010, ideally returning to the fleet in San Diego as an Operations Officer on a Destroyer or LSD. I will be transferring this summer, taking orders to either the Naval Academy, Pacific Command, Joint Analysis Center Molesworth (United Kingdom) or Recruit Training Center Great Lakes. In September I will start graduate school at Seton Hall University, working on a Masters in Strategic Communications and Leadership, as well as getting married and starting a family.

To the Sea Cadets of Coronado Battalion, continue to serve and push yourselves and each other. Looking at the pictures posted on this webpage, it seems like you all have been exposed to many great opportunities and training events. It is a small world, and if you continue to serve after Sea Cadets, you will certainly run into fellow cadets. Before I deployed last summer, I ran into Marine Staff Sergeant Kenny Jones, a fellow Sea Cadet classmate and fellow original member of the Coronado Battalion, while out here in Norfolk.

All the best for Coronado Battalion into the new year…

Very Respectfully,

LT Christopher Torres

Assistant Operations Officer


22 December 2006

To the Sea Cadets of Coronado Battalion,

I wrote on the log entry several months ago, as a former member of Coronado. It looks like your unit is continuing to grow strong and participating in numerous events and activities within the region. Understand you work with BONHOMME RICHARD. Several of my good friends from back home served and continue to serve as officers on that ship, and they absolutely love it. Great command! And having served on both a frigate and an amphib, could not recommend an amphib more over the CRUDES Navy! I am currently on my second deployment, this time deploying as part of a surface strike group to the Mediterranean and, most importantly, Western Africa to conduct 4 months of humanitarian operations in countries such as Sierra Leone, Congo, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, etc.

I cannot begin to echo enough the comments made regarding the importance of chiefs in our Navy. I daily rely on my HMC and QMC for feedback and guidance on how to successfully run my department, and look for their leadership and experience. Thanks to my QMC, who recently served on USS Constitution in Boston (where I went to college), my spaces are always clean since cleanliness is vital to maintain the old vessel.

I continue to run into people I did the program with out in the fleet. It is a great experience and will serve you well for years and years to come. You will never forget the basics you learn at Recruit Training or POLA, or just in your regular drill sessions. Happy holidays and best of luck into next year.

LTJG Christopher Torres

Navigator / Administration / Legal Officer



FPO AE 09576-1614


Prospective Navigation and Seamanship Instructor (Job starts June 2007)

United States Naval Academy

Department of Professional Development

Annapolis, Maryland


22 Apr 2006

To the Sea Cadets of Coronado Battalion,

I wanted to say hello and give my regards to the battalion. I was one of six or seven original members of Coronado after we had left Barbel Division to form Coronado. It’s amazing to see how much the battalion has grown! Had a lot of great memories being in the program, going to the drills, Flagship, the trainings that sent me all over the country, etc. While I was serving on board the USS Denver (LPD-9) during my first tour back in San Diego I had the chance to meet several members from the battalion during Recruit Training aboard our ship, which was a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

Very Respectfully,

Christopher Torres


Navigator / Assistant Operations Officer

USS Kauffman (FFG-59)

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From Armando Zarco

23 August 2008

Below are new pictures from MIDN Armondo Zarco, USNA, a former Sea Cadet MIDN/Active Duty PO3 who is now at the U.S. Naval Academy. These pictures are from his summer 2008 activities.

View Gallery of Photos from Armando

26 April 2007

MIDN Armondo Zarco, USNA is a former Sea Cadet MIDN/Active Duty PO3 who is now at the U.S. Naval Academy. Below are some great recent pictures. He will be writing a short summary of his first year at the Academy, and it will be posted as soon as we get it. He writes "The green suit is me in a leprechaun, I am in 13th company it is the luck of the Irish."

View Gallery of Photos from Armando



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